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4D 环幕电影《乡亲》

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4D 环幕电影《乡亲》运用了 180 度环幕、立体成像、动感座椅、声光色味、水雾泡雪等技术,给观众展示了一个个栩栩如生的精美画面,让观众产生一种身临其境的奇妙感觉。故事讲述一位女孩与一只她曾经搭救过的东北虎两次相遇,通过感人的故事体现出了人与自然和谐美好与相互依赖的关系,同时引领观众体验、欣赏长白山壮美神奇的景色和珍奇的物种。影片为 2010 年上海世博会吉林展馆项目,展播期间受到国内外媒体及参观者的一致好评。

                                          4D Special Film ‘Folks’

4D Circular Screen film ‘Folks’ applies the technique of 180 degrees circular screen, stereo imaging, moving chairs, and the effects of sound, light, scent, water, fog, bubble and snow, showing the audience vivid beautiful pictures and letting them have the extraordinary feeling of being personally in the scene. It tells the story of a girl. She meets with a Manchurian Tiger which has saved her life. Through the touching story, the film reflects the harmonious and interdependent relationship between human and nature, meanwhile leading the audience to experience the magnificent beauty and magic of the Changbai Mountain. The elements of northeast regional characteristics, such as the Manchurian Tiger, mink, snow-covered landscape, Tianchi on Changbai Mountain, waterfalls of Tianchi and so on, are perfectly presented in the film.  The film was the project of the Jilin Pavilion in the Shanghai World Expo 2010, and was highly praised by domestic and international media and visitors during the exhibition.